WCC - World Council of Churches

CTBI - Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Churches Together in England - The national ecumenical body for England

Faithworks Wessex - Offers help to churches to angagew in local community projects.

IBEX - Serving the businesses and churches of the central south coast of England, IBEX is a key part of the Churches Mission to the Economy and World of Work.

SWEA - South Wessex Evangelical Alliance

CTHI - The county ecumenical body for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Christian Aid - The development agency of the churches of England and Wales

CAFOD - The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

Association of Inter-church Families - An association for families where partners are of different denominations.

Tear Fund - A development organisation of the Evangelical Alliance.

Bible Society - The Bible Society of Great Britain

Faithnetsouthwest - a regional partnership that supports faith groups engaging in social or community action.

Christian Enquiry Agency - A confidential access point for anyone seeking further information about the Christian faith

rejesus - A web site devoted to helping people discover more about Jesus.