Understanding the Common Causes of Blocked Drains in New Forest

Drains are one of the most crucial components of our homes and offices, affecting the overall sanitation and well-being of the environment. However, just like any other part of the house, drains can also suffer from certain problems, with blockages being the most common one. This issue is no different for residents living in the New Forest, a region known for its scenic landscapes and beautiful houses.

When your drain is blocked, it can be much more than a simple annoyance. It can lead to overflow, water damage, and even health issues due to the production of harmful bacteria. This article aims to elucidate the common causes of blocked drains in New Forest to assist residents in understanding and addressing these problems effectively.

1. Hair: One of the key culprits of blocked drains is hair. Hair strands can accumulate over time and bind together to form clumps. These clumps then get lodged in the drainage pipes, causing substantial blockages. Cleaning your drains regularly and placing guards on plug holes can help to prevent the accumulation of hair and alleviate this issue.

2. Grease and Fat: Grease and fats are another common cause of blocked drains. Often, people dispose of cooking oils and other greasy materials down the drains, and over time these substances harden into blockages. One way to prevent this is by disposing of these substances separately, rather than pouring them down the drain.

3. Tree Roots: New Forest, being a lush, green area, brings with it the problem of root intrusions into the drain lines. Tree or plant roots can grow into drain pipes leading to disruptions and blockages. Although this issue might require professional intervention for comprehensive removal, it can be prevented with careful placement of trees and regular inspection of drain lines.

4. Foreign Objects: Accidental or intentional flushing of foreign objects such as children’s toys, nappies, baby wipes, sanitary products, and similar items can lead to blocked drains. Residents should ensure that only biodegradable and flushable items are disposed of in drains.

5. Poorly Installed Pipelines: Improperly installed pipelines or pipes that have sustained damage can cause recurring drainage problems. It is highly recommended to get drains installed by reputed professionals to prevent such issues from happening in the future.

6. Heavy Rainfall & Storms: The New Forest experiences its fair share of rainfall. When these conditions occur, the run-off needs somewhere to go, and if the drainage systems can’t handle the influx, it can lead to overflows and blockages. Regular maintenance of outdoor drains is vital in this case.
blocked drains newforest
By being aware of these common causes of blocked drains, residents can take necessary precautions to prevent these problems. Nevertheless, drain blockages can sometimes be inevitable and may require the services of professional drain clearance companies. They come equipped with tools and knowledge to diagnose and fix these issues in a timely and effective manner. By understanding the causes, you can effectively deal with them and save much unnecessary hassle, helping to keep the plumbing system in your New Forest home or office running smoothly.