Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Kingston

In the heart of Kingston, Ontario, drain blockages can be a significant problem for residential and commercial property owners alike. Several potential causes need addressing while ensuring the free flow of your drainage system. Here’s an overview of some of the most common causes of blocked drains in Kingston.

1. Hair: One of the most prevalent causes of drain blockage is from hair that frequently falls out during showers or while combing. Over time, a mass of hair can accumulate and block the drain. Regularly cleaning your drains can prevent this problem.

2. Grease and Fat: Another common reason for drain blockages in kitchen sinks is disposal of grease and fat into the drainage system. They tend to solidify and create a build-up blocking pipes. To avoid this, it is advisable to discard fats and grease properly rather than rinsing them down the blocked drains kingston sink.

3. Trees and Leaves: Particularly in the autumn season in Kingston, fallen leaves can cause blockages in external drains. Roots of large trees can also infiltrate the sewage system, leading to severe blockages if not addressed promptly. Regularly cleaning your outside drains and installing drain guards can help prevent this.

4. Food Waste: Discarding food waste into the sink instead of a rubbish bin can cause blocked drains. Over time, food waste builds up and constricts the flow of water. Using a sink strainer can help capture food remnants, preventing them from causing any unnecessary blockages.

5. Toilet Paper Buildup: Overuse of toilet paper or using quilted variants that don’t break down as easily when wet can lead to blocked drains. The same goes for flushing down non-flushable items like baby wipes and sanitary items. It is best to limit the use of toilet paper and dispose of non-flushable items properly.

6. Foreign Objects: Items such as soap, diapers, toys, and other non-flushable items accidentally or deliberately dropped into the drain can lead to blockages. It is crucial to educate young children about the proper use of toilets and drains to avoid such issues.

7. Collapsed Pipes: Age and external pressure can lead to the collapse of drainage pipes. Collapsed pipes can block the complete flow, causing a back up. It’s essential to replace old or damaged pipes to prevent blockages and leaks.

8. Poor Water Flow: Low water pressure can cause sludge and dirt to accumulate in pipes, ultimately leading to blockages. Periodic inspection by professional plumbers can help detect and resolve issues of low water pressure.

Despite the best prevention efforts, blocked drains can still occur. In such cases, it’s crucial to seek professional help to ensure complete and proper drain cleaning without causing damage to the pipes.

Understanding the common causes of blocked drains in Kingston is the first step to prevent serious plumbing issues. Regular inspection and maintenance, coupled with mindful practices on what goes into the drains, can go a long way in keeping your drainage system running smoothly.